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It is our heart to discover and to live the heart of Jesus for Brunsbüttel, Dithmarschen and the whole north of Germany. Brunsbüttel is placed at the estuary of the Kiel Canal to the Elbe in west Schleswig-Holstein, close to the Northern Sea. Planting a new living church in this significant port and lock city, is such an privilege. We believe that Jesus heart shows itself through sharing and living as an example of His good news. This good news talks about the restauration of our broken relationship to our Father in heaven. One can not buy this relationship by money or by good works. Only the believe in Jesus Christ and his salvation on the cross leads us to the right relationship to the Father. After Christs dead on the cross, He rose up again and lives in us through His Holy Spirit, today. Out of this relationship, we love to be a blessing for the people in this city and the region. Furthermore we love to be relevent for the society.

For more information, please contact us per mail to or see our EVENTS.

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